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  1. I am headed to Japan in September for 3 months and I would like to volunteer whatever value I can bring to the comejapan ministry. My email is, if you can forward my info or provide their email address, I would greatly apprciate it. I could not find a contact email for them on their website. Thank you and be well with Jesus.

  2. Pierre Reziah says:

    Hello my name is Pierre Reziah and I am intrigued with the work the ministry is doing in Japan and the Japanese culture. I have been trying my best to study the Japanese culture and language and I would love to be a missionary in Japan and serve.

    1. sherlytru says:

      Hi Pierre! Glad to hear about the heart that you have for Japan. Let me know if you have any questions. Keep practicing and ask the Lord to give you more insights! God bless.

  3. Cris says:

    I was searching for information regarding Christianity in Japan, and found your documentary. I don’t why but I have always had a heart to serve in Japan, but I have never financially been able to. Since I have very little money, I give up on that desire a long time ago. Recently, that desire has been reignited in my heart. I feel God keeps addressing this in me, but how do I go when I can’t afford to. Do you have insights or advice? Also can you pray for me concerning this. I just want to do God’s will but I don’t know how to.

  4. sherlytru says:

    Hello Chris. I’m glad to hear that the Lord continues to remind you the calling that He has set in your heart for Japan. Well, in terms of what advice I can give you, I would suggest first to look for opportunities in the internet or in the resources I provided. I was just like you, I really wanted to serve in Japan but I did not have lots of money. However, the Lord open the doors for me to serve there and provided everything I needed it. It also depends how long you want to commit, is it a year or like 3 years? I think that having a home-church that can support you will be really good. Raising support helps you get into the mission field and enables you to connect with the other members of the body of Christ because both of you are fulfilling the “Great Commission” together. I hope this can help you somehow and I am praying for you!

  5. Grace says:

    Hello Sherly! Firstly, thanks so much for your blog and your outreach. I have watched your documentary and have prayed for the needs of Japan as the people in your video have mentioned. I am inspired by your ministry and the current churches that have taken up God’s calling for this country. As the other people in the comments, I feel like Japan is the country that I want to serve in in the future. I wonder, since I will graduate high school soon, whether there are any short term missions opportunities for people like me that are aged 17+ in Japan? (Just fyi I’m from Australia!)

    1. sherlytru says:

      Hi Grace! Thank you so much for your words, I am so encouraged that the documentary has been encouraging to many people around the world. When I went to Japan I had already finished High School and I was 18 years old. So as long as you finish High School, I think you will have more opportunities to serve there. I have found it difficult to find organizations that will be willing to take young people to Japan for a short period of time. I found this website from an Australian Christian Organization.
      Maybe you can see check that page out. You will need to check other links in order to find more opportunities. I hope this can help you somehow. Praying for you Grace!

  6. My trip last year in Japan (Sept to Nov) went well and I’d like to share my experience. Before going, I reached out to several ministries and met Brian who had a small church of about ten people. They didn’t really meet regularly, but their “church service” was basically spreading the Gospel in the form of passing out Gospels of John written in Japanese. I participated a few times and we would hold signs up that said “Free Bible” in Japanese. The literal translation was “Free Holy Book” and “Free Kid’s Holy Book” (Holy Book is what they call the Bible in Japan). I also met a few English speaking believers that helped encourage us in the fight.

    Meeting Brian and his family was truly a blessing and it was great meeting a person on fire for the Lord and willing to serve Jesus in actively spreading the Gospel to a people that basically don’t know anything about Jesus. This does have it’s advantages as the Japanese people will not ridicule you or be rude when you tell them about Jesus because they don’t really have any negative assumptions about Him, unlike in America. Whether or not they accept Him is just like any culture in the world, but it is definitely a great place to start if you are a new believer really wanting to spread the Gospel and follow Jesus’s last command to us in the Great Commission.

    I constantly prayed for Jesus to send people my way and boy, did He deliver! I had great conversations with people and the only person that was higly against the Gospel was an American I met at a bar. The best conversation I had was with a Japanese woman named Kimiko at a nice restaurant in Kyoto and I still remember her response after I gave her the Gospel: “yeah, after all we see in the world, there has to be a God”. Now most Japanese people believe in nothing, as they say, but they actually believe in humanism and work ethic. It is an honor/shame based society which keeps people in line on the surface. Underneath the surface, like all of us, is a brokenness and their sin is like the rest of the world…pride/lust/covetousness are all there. Humility is praised and expected, but this kind of humility is a man made one and not from God.

    Overall, I learned how weak I am to sin and how strong He is to forgive. I also learned that Jesus truly answers any prayer you ask him as long as you pray in truth and spirit. I am planning to go back long term next year, most likely March, maybe for a few years, as I got an English teaching job there. It was scheduled for July 2016, but I delayed it to save more money and because my sister is getting married. So if anybody is planning to be a soldier for Christ, maybe Jesus will connect us in Japan so we can serve together! Whether people accept the Gospel or not shouldn’t be a cause of worry as His Will will always be done and He doesn’t need us, but He gives us the opportunity to be used as a tool of His grace and mercy.

    1. sherlytru says:

      That’s so awesome Joseph! Thanks for sharing your mission trip with us. I love to hear how the Lord uses different people to accomplish His purpose. May He continue to guide you. Be a blessing wherever you go.

  7. Pierre Reziah says:

    Wow!!! Joseph your story is a blessing to me I to want to go to Japan and serve as well. I am in the process of getting my passport now and saving money now I just need help on speaking the language. I pray we can meet each other and serve together

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