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March Updates

Hello Everyone!

Last month, my friend and I attended to my cousin’s wedding in the North-side of Georgia. He was serving in the army at Kuwait for almost one year so it was awesome to see him and my other relatives together to celebrate this great occasion. During the reception we took some 17158949_10212624075699570_7199555685167047852_o pictures in a nice, good looking place and ate some delicious Colombian food. Although we hung out only for a couple hours, I was grateful to see them all because I was reminded of the good memories that I had when I was living with them in North Carolina a few years ago. Also,  I was able to share my testimony with my friend Nia in Spype. It was so good to remember how Jesus saved me and gave me a reason to live. In fact, she recorded it so that she can use it for her ministry that is called “Life before eternity”. And basically, she provides awesome Christian resources to equip women to live for Christ through Bible-centered videos, articles, courses & workshops. It was an awesome experience and had so much fun with her. I’m so thankful that we still able to keep in touch even after we met in Japan.  You can know more about her ministry by going to

Lately, we have been really busy in the Video department. We’ve been filming stories from Teen Mission’s staff and these stories are outstanding! You find stories of faithfulness, love, hardships and above all, stories that lift up the name of Jesus. Filming and editing these stories are a part of my training for my internship. 17201157_789516964532960_1177139393570907259_nThese projects usually take a lot of work and they are time consuming. Music has to be in harmony with the story and that’s one of my biggest challenges. I often pray that God will give me the inspiration and the creativity that I need in order to produce a beautiful piece of art that will be pleasing to Him. We must recreate the story, our job is to tell stories through pictures. This actually reminds me when I was editing the documentary about Christianity in Japan. It took me a whole year to finish it but that was because I just had time to work on it once per week. Time will be a priority for the development of these projects. They might be release in the year of 2018. I’m trusting also that the Holy Spirit will give me many opportunities to witness to others and help the staff with anything that I can. Another exciting thing that I want to mention is that during my time in each country, I will be assisted by a local staff lady who will help translate for me and I’m so excited to build a relationship with these ladies and to encourage them and be encouraged by them. 


Summer team: The Lord is so good, He has provided $3,623 US (Thank you for all of your generous contributions). We’re almost done in reaching the goal! Only $666 US dollars left and my summer team will be covered! So please spread the word!

Internship: Praise the Lord! I just received $500 US dollars. I’m excited to see how God will continue to provide. Please continue to pray for me as I continue to raise support for this coming year. I still have $6400 US to go.

Ways to give

You can write a check to Teen Missions and send it to this address: 867 E Hall Rd, Merritt Island, FL 32953. Another option could be to donate online. Go to this website:

*If you have questions, please send me a message!


  • Please pray for the salvation of one of my friends. I’ve been trying to witness to him for the last couple of years and The Lord allowed me just recently to speak with him and shared the Roman road. He is finally understanding the concept of sin and I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is working in his heart. 
  • Pray with me for the following countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia & Russia. I’ve been trying to get information about the language, the culture and beliefs so that when I get there, I can better know how to witness.
  • Pray for more prayers partners, monthly supporters and opportunities to speak at churches.

Thank you for reading this update.                                                                                                       Sherly T.

‘May the Lord bless you and protect you.  May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace.’  

Numbers 6: 24-26


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