Reaching the “Unreached”

Hola Everyone!

I can’t believe it is already October, time flies!

First of all, I would like to share about what I did during my summer break with all of you because I believe the Lord gave me a confirmation about my calling for missions in such a beautiful way. This is my story. 

I spent my summer break with different people. The first week I went to the house of one of the volunteers from Teen Missions and so I was able to relaxed and enjoyed my time by calling my friends from different parts of the world. Then I stayed one week with a Japanese family and it was incredible! I spoke in Japanese the whole time with them, ate Japanese food and spent a great time getting to know this beautiful family that serves in a Japanese church in Orlando. I joined their bible studies and also went to Campus Crusades For Christ and Wycliffe with them. The reason that I wanted to share with you about my summer break is because since last year the Lord put on my heart Romans 15:20-21. This verse talks about reaching the unreached. Places where they have never heard the Gospel before, places where they don’t have Bibles translated into their own languages, places where they don’t have a community of believers. When I was shown a video about what the Jesus Film Project does around the world and Wycliffe as well, I was so overwhelmed. I cried so hard because God was confirming my calling for this specific mission. I want to be able to work in Bible translation in the near future. Even though I still have like 2 years left with Teen Missions, I was so happy to have like an insight for what the Lord wants me to do. I am so excited, the Lord is good.

Since December of last year I’ve been trying to learn Hebrew by myself and it’s been so awesome to dig into the Word of God! There is so much to learn from Genesis 1:1.  When I came back to Teen Missions, I went to church and had the opportunity to share with my intercessory prayer team about the first word of the book of Genesis since I’ve been learning Biblical Hebrew for the last couple of months. I was praying so that I could join a nice small group for this fall and so when my church was launching new small groups I found this small group called “Graffiti for Christians”. It is a bible study that will be studying the root word of the Hebrew language. I signed up and then I met with the leader of this group and talked about the Hebrew words. He shared more about himself with my friend and I and he said that he was from Australia, that he lived in Israel for 3 years and that he lived in Japan for 2 years!!! I was so thrilled! it was a divine appointment. My Father encouraged me in a powerful way. I will be joining the small group this week and I am planning to invite friends so we can pass the word!

Today I attended to a Missions conference and it was great! The preacher spoke how God the Father gave as inheritance the nations to the Son and how the Son gives authority over the nations to the saints. We’re to pray and claim for the nations because those are the inheritance of the saints. (Psalm 2, Hebrews 1, Revelation 2:26).  What is your nation? Which ethnic group do you want to reach? 

I want to pray right now for each one of you that is reading this message. May our God give you a special heart for a certain country or ethnic group. May He inspire to reach the lost either by getting engaged, by praying and by supporting those who are in the front line.

Declare his glory among the nations,
    his marvelous deeds among all peoples. Psalm 96:3

Please pray that I will be able to understand more and more Hebrew and for opportunities for me to serve in different ways at my local church. Thank you for your time, contribution and for your prayers which give me strength and perseverance


Sherly T.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. June Sinclair says:

    How wonderful to see how God is guiding you! We are delighted to hear what God has in store for you. Surely God has a calling on your life.
    Bless you, John and June Sinclair

    1. Alina says:

      Praise the Lord for what he is doing through you. Its so amazing to see how He works through His children. I want to thank you for your documentary on Japan. I’m really interested in serving the Lord in japan one day, and your video was very encouraging and eye opening. I live in Orlando, so please let me know if you come back. Maybe we can go to church one day. I’ll be praying for you to learn more Hebrew and for the Lord to keep you.
      Peace and grace to you, Alina H.

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