Indiana/Kentucky/Illinois Mission Trip


Most of you guys know I’ve been having Bible classes and been doing promotional videos for Teen Missions International in Florida for a few months. I am so excited to be able to share with you guys about my mission trip to Indiana/Kentucky/Illinois in this summer of 2016. To begin with, God was asking me to do more than I believed I could and that was to lead a team again. I thought this year I was just going to share the Gospel on the fairs and help the leaders but for some reason the Lord put me under that role again. During Boot Camp, God was asking me to take higher responsibilities. I was reluctant at the beginning but every time we used to have our devotion time, God spoke in such a way that I could not denied it. Then, I decided to have a willing mind and heart and change my attitude for God to use me in a way that was going to be pleasing to him.

This summer my team and I did one-on-one witnessing at the county fairs. We were 14 people on the team, did around 1,500 surveys and gave free water (It was really hot!).  The surveys were used as an ice-breaker to engage the people and talk about their opinions towards teenagers. The 3 last questions were the main ones because they talked about eternity. The first question was if they knew if their friends were going to heaven. The second one was if they knew if they were going to heaven and the last question was how did they know. We got bunch of different answers such as: I know because I try to be a good person and help others or I haven’t done anything wrong or I don’t think so because I have done many bad things during my life. I did the survey to a young girl and she was saying that she was going to go to heaven because she went to church, she had gone to mission trips before, etc… but on my head I was like that doesn’t mean that you are going to go to heaven. When she finished speaking I was able to preach the Gospel and explained to her that even though you go to church and help people and go to mission trips that does not make you a believer. Only by God’s grace we are able to go to heaven, by believing in what Jesus accomplished at the cross for us.

Ephesians 2:8-9

“For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God,  not of works, lest anyone should boast”.

At the end she understood the message and accepted the Lord Jesus in her heart! Not only I had interesting conversations but our team members had the opportunity to share the Gospel for the first time with so many people and as a result 73 people accepted Christ in their hearts. They learned that they were being led by the Holy Spirit and that God was the one saving the people, not them. We know and trust that God is the one that brings the increase and that He enabled us to plant seeds and water them too. The Holy Spirit truly encouraged us and gave us the guidance and the strength that we needed. We were also able to pray for other believers as well and encouraged them to share their faith. In the other hand, because we were a team from TMI (Teen Missions International), I had the chance to be interviewed by the director of TTT Christian Youth Ministries, George Dooms that currently broadcasts Telling The TRUTH radio. I talked about what my ministry in Japan and what our team did at the county fairs. It was a cool experience!

We had the awesome opportunity to go to Kentucky and see a replica of the Ark! It’s amazing to think that only Noah’s family built the ark and took care of all the animals for around one year! We also read about flood stories from around the world and how in many cultures they have a similar story concerning the Flood.  You guys should go and take a look!

As for me, I cooked with my friends for the team almost everyday. We practiced for our presentations at the churches, did Bible studies and prayed for each other. To tell you the truth, we had many spiritual battles. There was oppression, fear and confusion. Definitely, the devil wanted to take a hold of us but there was power in the name of Jesus and our team made it through all the mission trip. The Lord performed many miracles, I was blessed by seeing how the lives of the team members were being transformed in such a beautiful way. We had so much fun. I hope and pray that the team members and leaders will continue to set a time for God everyday and that they will be willing to be used by the Holy Spirit to reach many people for the kingdom of God.

I want to thanks all of you for reading this and for had prayed for my team and I. We would not have made it without your prayers and financial support! God used you and me for the advancement of his kingdom. He deserves all the glory and praise!

Please continue to pray for my journey as I serve in the U.S.A.

God bless





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