Be Ready!

Completing almost nine months in the “Land of the Rising Sun” makes me still wonder for what it is to come. Mystery if you could called like that, it can get me easily excited, it makes me look forward and at the same time it makes me delight now on the fact of serving The Lord Jesus Christ in this nation. Just right after I became a Christian (not long time ago), I made the decision that if I wanted to become a missionary, I needed to grow and learn many things that comes along with life.

First of all, get to know Jesus through the Scriptures.   Second, learn to not think only about myself but think about others by serving at the church.  Third, willing to learn anything that I could do anywhere I go in order to survive.

I could share actually what I did: from learning how to put ceramic tails to cleaning houses, from taking care of children to cutting a forest, from being a cashier to work as a waitress, with the ultimately reason of being prepared for what The Lord had planned for me. Physical and Spiritual training walk together. Just image yourself with such a great knowledge of the Scriptures but just because you don’t take care of yourself or you don’t eat properly or the simple fact that you don’t rest enough for the daily basis, the consequences will not bring so much fruitfulness, for you will not be able to give your best at the moment of serving. In the same way with the Spiritual training, if you don’t know at least the basic of what you believe and you are not able to explain it, it’s easy to be biased.  I spoke with a friend just like a week ago and we were talking about the definition of being biased. If we are real with ourselves, not by merely saying I believe in God, people would believe and be saved, just for the simple fact of believing that Christianity is the truth. Actually we could easily identified as a biased. I think we should not rely only in our own experiences but also providing  facts. We have to be able to defend our faith at anytime. 

1 Peter 3:15 

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect”.

It’s funny to remember that whenever I was by myself at home in the States, I would be preaching with aloud voice, maybe preaching to the objects around me lol Few months later I began to preach in new planted churches in Japan, never thought about that… It’s a privilege but also a big responsibility ya know. Last month we celebrated the First Anniversary of J-house Kobe and Kyoto!

1668_10152783272193989_4366531908257889226_n10256590_10152780500318989_9036099960325115305_nMost of the people claims that the first year is almost the most difficult in terms of planting a new church, I agree on it.  It’s my first time serving in churches that were planted just a few months ago and I think since I came here, I’ve seen the fruitfulness of both churches, not only growing in numbers little by little but growing as followers of Jesus by God’s grace. I don’t have any idea how many people I have met from the street, but what I do know it’s that some Japanese people have been able to hear the gospel somehow in outreach missions, giving fliers, teaching languages, going to universities, etc… we often try to do almost anything to bring the gospel to this people.

Pray for those who have become followers of Christ, so that they may be able to learn how to defend their faith, have boldness and allow God to work in their lives and also be able to be use for God’s kingdom and glory in this nation that is in need of the LIGHT OF CHRIST.


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