From a desire… to a Calling!


                  Romans 10:15     Romans 10:15

What a wonderful verse! this is one of the verses that really encourage me a lot! I remember just last year, around November, when I became a Christian. God put a desire in my heart to become missionary even though I did not know exactly what I needed to do in order to become His messenger. As I said it on the page where I share my testimony, the only answers that I got from the people, were Prayers. I could not understand why. Somehow now I can understand their position in that time, where just a girl from Colombia came two months ago and suddenly wanted to become a missionary? is it not crazy?!  God is amazing!

One of my pastors said to me: “Anyone can become a missionary, you do not need to go overseas in order to serve the Lord, you can do it in anytime and wherever you are”. That really called my attention and since that time, I started serving the Lord, wherever I went. When I realized that in Japan, there were not many Christians, that desire became a Call from God. it seemed to be hard to come to Japan, for I was required to give evidence of serving in the church and have some knowledge of the bible too. But as it is written: “And he said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. Luke 18:27

I believed that God was going to make this possible and He made it. Not only my church supported me but I started growing in faith through the circumstances that I was going through and my knowledge of the Word was expanding! I have been really blessed! Serving in J-house has been pleasurable , for now I have more time to pray, I’m learning how to preach for the congregation and have been able to evangelize and disciple people! I think the ministry is starting to bear fruit Cause’  many people feel encourage to be a disciple-maker and just started to doing it!

Praise God, for he has been sending many people to this nation. Just after I came, one month later a guy came from South Korea to be part of our team and then I met with a Korean girl on the “street mission” and invited her to J-house. A few days later she applied to be part of J-house and the next day she came! and now just yesterday a guy from Korea arrived to serve Jesus for a while! That’s amazing! I believe God is sending many servants from around the world to spread the gospel in here and teach them all that Jesus has commanded us to do! Keep praying for this people, so that they may hear these “Good News” and reply to them!



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