Fishing for people!

“Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people”. Luke 5:10

Our church in Kobe is going through a new stage. We are trying to move our street missions to another places from the city. Even though the church just started a few months ago, God has been good and has sent many people to the church during the time. We believe that He will keep sending people with our new perspectives. Our strategic plan from now is to sing more gospel songs during the street missions and move to more places where we can find a lot of crowds. We might have more possibilities to bring people to the service. Last week I met with some girls and I explained to them that we offer English, Korean and Spanish lesson for free and that they can have international friends and earn many things from the BEST SELLER, the Bible. They were interesting but at the end they could not come. However they came this week! I was glad because I got their “Line ID” and kept in touch with them. For our ministry in Japan, we must use this app called “Line”. Which is a Japanese application for instant messaging on smartphones and PCs. Line users exchange text messages, graphics, video and audio media, make free calls, and hold free audio or video conferences. It is a useful tool because we can keep in touch with the people that we meet from the street missions.

While we were going to do worship in the street, just about to start, a police officer said that we could not do the performance around that place. So we moved and did not stop. To get Japanese’s attention is really difficult. I believe that with the change we had made, the possibilities of bringing people in the service has increased!


It is such a blessing to be used by God for increase this ministry, where we can cooperate with the Holy Spirit to  spread God’s word effectively in this nation!


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