Gift of Grace and the Fruit of the ministry.

Living in Japan for more than one month, it has bring me such an inexpressible and glorious joy almost every single day, I’ve never felt that way before. Of course there are some days where I do not really have the mood but with this joy that comes from the fruit of the Spirit of God, I can sometimes overcome it easily. Last Sunday, we celebrated J-house’s 14th anniversary! What a wonderful new! for by Grace this church has been established. I have been told that there are many Christian churches that can be maintained in Japan but most of them, do not get a lot of Baptisms during the year.

One of J-house’s ministry is to evangelize and discipleship university students. Basically Jesus’s soldiers divide in several groups and visit universities during the semesters. We got the chance to go to one university last Tuesday. We met with around thirty students and we had a good time.  It was interesting because in this university, most of the students are learning English and Spanish, so it is really convenient to have missionaries from other countries so that the ministry can be easier. There are many students, who became Christians and got baptized through the ministry of J-house and now they’re trying to pursue people from university with us! That’s such a blessing from God.

I remember when I used to go to pray for people with my Home-church in United States. We used to go to Walmart or many different kind of business in downtown. That was really a training for me before coming to Japan! because at the beginning I did not know how to pray for people, how to evangelize people and how to disciple people. But God surely taught me through that experience and I’m so thankful! for now I feel confident when I pray and when I talk to people. Actually sometimes  I do not have words to say, but the Holy Spirit helps me and gives me the words that i should say.

Image“For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that time what you should say”

Luke 12:12

it’s the same thing with the ministry for the university students. God will give us the right words to pursue them, so that they might finally hear Jesus’s calling for repentance and acceptance of the “Good News”.

Please pray , so that this Japanese generation will be come after Jesus.


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