Summer Camp

Last Wednesday we had J-house Summer Camp in Kyoto, Japan! After a great fellowship including a Japanese BBQ, fun games, plus a traditional Japanese bath and a wonderful view of nature in the mountains, we were reminded during worship and teaching time, how bigger are the plans from God for us than our own plans.

ImageBy Yasuhiro Udagawa.

Pastor Talo, who is the leader of New Hope International Asia and New Hope Tokyo, was invited to share how he decided to follow God’s plans. On a certain beach of Hawaii, Pastor Talo takes the first step of accepting Jesus as the savior and then surrender himself into what God had called him to do since the beginning.

” I went to Japan, just to stay for around 3 months and God changed for thirty years” Talo Sataraka.

Having him planted almost 60 churches in Asian countries including Japan, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, etc… We can observe, that when we are obedient to God, the results will be outstanding! I remember when I was in the United States and before I became a Christian, I was going with the idea of finishing twelve grade in Apex High School, thinking, perhaps I can get a scholarship to go to college, however having tried twice, the final decision was a big “NO”. I was so sad and at the same time mad because my plans were not working out as I wanted. However when I believed and received Jesus into my life, everything was starting to turn out better than I expected for He opened doors that no one could close, for example, coming to Japan as a missionary. I’ve never expected to come to Japan as a missionary, I thought one day, that I was going to go, just to visit places, that’s it. But when I think about this, I get amazed because He really has better plans than us that we can not imagine! I’m thankful for God closed the doors that needed it to be closed, in order to follow his way. The last item that we learned, was about the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to be a real witnesses of Jesus Christ wherever we are. As a followers of Christ, we must not only share the “Good News”, but our task is also to heal the sick, cast out demons and set captives free, equip the church and be a disciple maker. The Japanese responded really good, some people got saved and felt God’s presence. I think we must learn to be humble, so we can submit to God’s direction for our future.


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