Black Mountain, NC

(Presbyterian Reformed Ministries International)                                                                                                                                              Image

This is a ministry located in Black Mountain, NC. Where the main focus is to teach about how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit for The Advancement of the Kingdom of God. They offer number of programs and events during the year to help Christians to grow into their faith and also to discover your role in God’s kingdom using scriptures and by practicing  in the United States and around the world! The members and participants come from many different denominational back grounds.


I attended two events from PRMI, “With the Wind” and “Upward Challenge”. It was such a good experience to be a participant and also a Leader of a group. Those were designed to teach young people in how to develop an intimacy with Jesus Christ that will enable them to know, what God is doing in the world around us through prayer. In the picture, there are some participants, whom were eager to know more about God and his unique plans for each one of them. We had a great fellowship during the camp, with good worship, food and a delightful time with The Lord. It’s so great that our young people is getting trained to spread the gospel of Christ!

If you wanna have more details about events, you can go to

You will find not only events for young people but also for Adults!

I’ve been blessed with this ministry because I have grown more in my relationship with Jesus and I’ve learned about Leadership, Discipleship and Evangelism. That’s for sure! I encourage you people to take a look to this awesome ministry and by the way, they have some classes online that you can take and also videos about the teachings for free!


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